Thousands of years after the Ancient Egyptians were known to be the first to produce still-life artwork, the genre remains alive and thriving. A still life, by definition, is a painting featuring an arrangment of inanimate, everyday objects, whether natural or manufactured. Look around any art gallery today, and life literally stands STILL. Y:ART Gallery is pleased to present STILL, an exhibition of still-life paintings by artists, Edmond Praybe, Marie Riccio, Maggie Siner and Justin Wiest.

AUGUST 26 - SEPT. 26, 2020


Virtual Opening Reception

Broadcast live on our Facebook page

Saturday, August 29, at 7 PM

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From Michelangelo to Pablo Picasso, artists throughout history have scrutinized the beauty and complexity of the human form. Today, creative minds continue this examination and choose from a wide range of mediums and materials to best “bring to life” their portrayals. Y:ART Gallery is pleased to present THE FIGURE, an exhibition of paintings, photography, and sculpture that explore personal interpretations of the human form by artists, Daniel Brown, Donna Feldman Davis, and Josh Nozick.

OCTOBER 7 - OCTOBER 31, 2020





Y:ART Gallery is pleased to present A Very Merry CAMPY Christmas! CAMP art can be kitschy, flamboyant, cheesy, rude or esoteric. People are strongly drawn to CAMP, and almost as strongly offended by it. This festive holiday exhibition will include CAMP inspired art by a large group of well-known Baltimore artists and craftsmen. Each artist has been asked to create one piece with the CAMP aesthetic style and sensibility in mind. The art may be appealing because of its bad taste or ironic nature.

December 9 - January 2, 2021

Opening - December 12, 6-9 pm

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Until the seventeenth century landscapes were confined to the background of most paintings and portraits. Today, thanks to brave artists like Claude Lorraine, Nicholas Poussin, and John Constable, the landscape stands alone. The genre exploded in the hands of the Impressionists as open fields, rivers, and pretty blue skies, filled canvases along the French countryside. Today, studio and plein-air artists continue this exploration and have expanded the genre to include urban and industrial scapes. Y:ART Gallery is pleased to present THE LAND, an exhibition of paintings by artists, Kenneth Hilker, Ken Karlic, Jonathan Maxwell, and Stewart White.


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Past Exhibitions

Allen Zaruba

Allen Zaruba's artworks explore a wide range of materials, concepts and processes as a way to continually process his global experiences, having lived and traveled through 37 nations. These diverse cultural influences are woven through the artist’s body of multidisciplinary, intuitive work. Y:ART Gallery is thrilled to present you with the artist's lifetime of rich experiences, fascinatingly chronicled into a refined visual practice.


JULY 17 - AUGUST 18, 2020

Virtual Opening Reception

with the artist:

Friday July 17 at 7 PM

In-person private viewings by appointment only.

View Richard Dinges' videos of the artist's practice here and here.

See Allen's virtual Artist Talk below.




Explore one artist's imagination, wander into another's days of yore, and marvel at the artisanship of a fine furniture maker with this unique three-person show. All three are creative visionaries who have mastered their craft.


February 12 - March 28, 2020

Opening - February 15, 6-9 pm


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