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My art gives me happiness and satisfaction mainly in the process of its creation. To me, creating any work of art is a continuous series of mini puzzles that need solutions. 

I continually look for “clues” in my subject. As I am working, I am asking myself a series of questions. What supports the object or being? The weight is centered where? How is it connected? To what? Is it flying or being pressed down? What colors should I use to achieve the feeling that I want to convey? I continue to work through these steps until I am satisfied. 

If I have answered all the questions, and solved all the puzzles, the result is tremendously satisfying for me and hopefully the viewer.

Artist and Baltimore native, Stacy Lund Levy has been creating art in many forms since kindergarten. She earned an undergraduate degree from Hood College in Biochemistry as well as a Masters Degree in medical and biological illustration from The Johns Hopkins Art as Applied to Medicine program. Combining her natural artistic talents with her intellectual interest in anatomy and science, she initially worked as a medical illustrator. Stacy then opted to establish Lund Art Studios, a career move that enabled her to take on a variety of clients both locally and nationally, jury shows, teach classes and workshops, give demonstrations, and exhibit her artwork.

Stacy works primarily in watercolor, but also creates wearable art. She teaches workshops and is an adjunct instructor at Carroll Community College. Stacy is a signature member of the Pennsylvania and Philadelphia Watercolor Societies, as well as a signature member and the board of governors jurying chair of the Baltimore Watercolor Society. She has exhibited in  national and international exhibits throughout the United States from Baltimore to Alaska.  She has won awards both locally and nationally.

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