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POP-UP SHOW Example: Jane and Jack rent the space from 10am to 10pm on a Saturday to show and sell their oil paintings. From 10am to 1:30pm they bring in and hang 40 paintings. They leave the gallery to go home and shower. Jane and Jack return at 4:30pm with cheese platters and wine in hand. They set up the bar. Their guests arrive at 5pm and they enjoy the exhibition until 8:30pm. Jane and Jack remove the paintings and clean the space. Their security deposit is returned and they exit the gallery at 10pm.


Are you an emerging artist? Or have you been creative for many years and never been invited to exhibit your work? Y:ART Gallery has appealing and ample space available for solo or group POP-UP SHOWS. Install your artwork, throw a party, show and sell your pieces. It’s that simple!

PICK-A-DATE: See available dates listed below. First come. First serve. (Dates will be updated quarterly.)

VIEW-THE-GALLERY: Stop by 3402 Gough Street in Highlandtown during our regular business hours to view the gallery space or call 443-928-2272 to make an appointment.

RENT-THE-SPACE: ONE DAY ONLY! (not to exceed 12 hours). The rental fee is $1,000 and the security deposit is $250. All fees ($1250) are required when the contract is signed. The security deposit is returned once the gallery space is clean and clear and any necessary repairs are made. All shows must end by 10:00pm and the space needs to be empty and returned to its previous condition by 11pm when the gallery doors close. Show times, set-up, and break-down are, otherwise, flexible. The rental fee is non-refundable if the show is cancelled less than two weeks prior to the exhibition.

APPROVAL: Julia Yensho, owner of the gallery, must approve all POP-UP SHOWS.

PERCENTAGE: Artist handles all transactions independently. Gallery takes zero commission!

GUESTS: Our gallery space comfortably accommodates 100 people (no more).

PROMOTION: Artist is fully responsible.

INSTALLATION: A wall hanging system and numerous pedestals are available for you to use. Bring in and install as much artwork as you like, but please discuss the subject matter, medium, and amount of work with the owner, prior to the event, to ensure a realistic and successful installation.

PARTY: You can use the bar (pictured) but will need to provide and serve your own refreshments.

PARKING: Street parking is available. Y:ART Gallery also has permission to use the M&T Bank lot, two blocks from the gallery, after close of normal business hours. M&T Bank closes at 6pm on Fridays, 1pm on Saturdays, and is closed on Sundays.

To host your own POP-UP SHOW or to learn more please call 443-928-2272 or email





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