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Terry Thompson_softened2.jpg

Terry Thompson is an American artist, born in Chicago. Illinois. He currently lives and work in Baltimore, Maryland.  Artist-in-residence from 1999-2004 at School 33 Art Center. Thompson participated in various exhibitions including: ATM at the Former Robert Miller Gallery (2018) New York, Post Cards from the Edge at Gallery 524 (2018) New York,  The ArtBox Project 1.0, Basel, Switzerland (2017), Post Cards from the Edge, Metro Pictures (2017) New York, Art Takes Miami at Scope (2014), Scope, Miami (2012), Sub-Basement Art Gallery (2004, 2008), Galerie Francoise (2012), Flash Art Museum, Trevi, Italy (1998). He holds a Masters of Science in Administration from Central Michigan University. This multi-talented artist is a well-known DJ/Producer with releases on the London, UK record label Defected.

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