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Y:ART Gallery is putting together an accomplished group of Baltimore's Art Stars. This magnificent summer exhibition will be brimming with 2D, 3D, and performance art. SUPERHEROES will be a deluge of fascination for the eyes, ears & heart, following in the footsteps of 2018's award-winning BRA SHOW.


The Opening Reception will be held July 27, 2019 from 6-9, and will feature performances by Laure Drogoul, Mama Linda Goss with Dr. David Fakunle, David Page and Jocelyn Broadwick, so mark your calendars now as this is an event not to be missed!


Artists featured in this exhibition are Shelley Amsel, Jan Angevine, Jarrett Arnold, Kim Battista, Lois Borgenicht, Jocelyn Broadwick, Daniel Brown, Patty Burgee, Ruth Channing, Schroeder Cherry, Kini Collins, Lania D’Agostino, Megin Diamond, MK Dilli, Laure Drogoul, Donald Edwards, Howard Ehrenfeld, Landis Expandis, Dr. David Fakunle, Peggy Fox, Marcelle Fozard, Matthew Gavin, Scott Philip Goergens, Joanne Goshen, Mama Linda Goss, Helene Haviland, J. Hennessey, Millicent Hoffman, Sydney Hopkins, Mollye Hubbard, Andrea Huppert, Ian Jackson, Janet Little Jeffers, Ken Karlic, Anita Klein, Minas Konsolas, J. Kelly Lane, Sooz Laugen, Cathy Leaycraft, Nancy Linden, Baba Harry Livingston, Jack Livingston, Susan Lowe, David Marion, Diana Marta, Tonia Matthews, Eliezer Medina, Osvaldo Mesa, Jennifer Mesaros, Raoul Middleman, Paul Moscatt, Andrew Nagl, Julia Niederman, Kate Norris, Josh Nozick, Mary Opasik, Jim Opasik, David Page, Gina Pierleoni, Pamela Phillips, Edmond Praybe, Donna Reinsel, Suzan Rouse, Ronald Russell, Nieves Saah, Stephanie Schafer, Nancy Scheinman, Dan Schiavone, Kostek Schiavone, Anita Schreibman, Beth Schwartz, Dan Shapiro, Stefany Sherman, Gregg Simonton, Mary Kunaniec Skeen, Leonard Streckfus, Zachary Thornton, Jordan Tierney, Patti Tronolone, David Valle, Dan Van Allen, Stewart White, Leslie Wies, Junius Wilson, Cristian Wicha, Susan McCurdy Yonkers, Bill Yonkers, and more!


Y:ART is thrilled to be partnered with the Artscape Gallery Network for this phenomenal exhibition.

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