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Stacy Lund Levy Demo 8.png

Join Y:ART Gallery in watching Stacy Lund Levy demonstrate her watercolor painting technique live through Zoom. The audience will be able to ask the artist questions via the Zoom chat feature at the end of the recording.


Participants will receive a confirmation email including a Vimeo link to the recording after the demo. You will have access to the recording through December 5th.


Feel free to contact Y:ART Gallery with any questions about the artist or Zoom demonstration.

Tickets are $35.


Painting Demonstration

Recorded live on Zoom.

Available through December 5th.

See Stacy's work here.


"My art gives me happiness and satisfaction mainly in the process of its creation.  To me, creating any art is a continuous series of mini puzzles that need solutions.  Each type of material used has infinite opportunities and possibilities.  As I am working, I am asking myself a series of questions.   I continually look for “clues” in my subject.  What supports the object or being represented?  The weight is centered where?  How is it connected? To what?  How is it held up?  From what?  Is it flying or being pressed down?  What colors will convey the feeling I want? What textures appeal to my senses?  Is a significant range of value represented?  If I have answered all the questions, and solved all the puzzles, the result is tremendously satisfying to me and hopefully the viewer."


Artist and Baltimore native, Stacy Lund Levy has been creating art in many forms since kindergarten. She earned an undergraduate degree from Hood College in Biochemistry as well as a Masters Degree in medical and biological illustration from The Johns Hopkins Art as Applied to Medicine program. Combining her natural artistic talents with her intellectual interest in anatomy and science, she initially worked as a medical illustrator. Stacy then opted to establish Lund Art Studios, a career move that enabled her to take on a variety of clients both locally and nationally, jury shows, teach classes and workshops, give demonstrations, and exhibit her artwork. Stacy works primarily in watercolor, but also creates wearable art and dabbles in collage as well as pastel.  She teaches workshops and is an adjunct instructor at Carroll Community College.  Stacy is a signature member of the Pennsylvania and Philadelphia Watercolor Societies, as well as a signature member and the board of governors jurying chair of the Baltimore Watercolor Society.  She has exhibited in national and international exhibits throughout the United States from Baltimore to Alaska.  She has won awards both locally and nationally.  Her work can be viewed at, Instagram @Artorangutan,, and also the ManneqART Museum.


Rena Diana Demo Flyer.jpg

Join Y:ART Gallery in watching Rena Diana demonstrate her abstract painting technique live through Zoom. The audience asks the artist questions via the Zoom chat feature at the end of the recording.


Participants will receive a confirmation email email including a Vimeo link to the recording. Participants will have access to the recording through October 31st.


Feel free to contact Y:ART Gallery with any questions about the artist or preparing for the Zoom demonstration.

Tickets are $35.


Painting Demonstration

Recorded live on Zoom.

Available through October 31st.

See Rena's work here.


"I am drawn to geometric elements and linear designs in the natural world, finding particular beauty in the interweaving of layers. Usually my art begins with an image in my mind, based on one of my photographs, and the sensations ignited by it. Then, as I paint and make marks, each piece takes on its own rhythm, its own essence, guiding me along. Other times, I simply start playing with pattern, texture, line, and color, and a scene emerges, a dance begins, a light shines. Many of my artworks are inspired by the glacially carved shoreline of Lake Champlain, Vermont, and the magical interplay of light, wind, stones and water there. In the end, I hope to evoke imagination, wonder, and a sense of infinite possibility- the same sparks that fuel me when I am painting."


Over the past five decades, Rena Diana has taken art courses in a variety of media. Throughout her adult life, she has kept notebooks chronicling her observations and experiences.  Gradually these became art journals, filled with sketches, along with personal narrative and remarks about the creative process. As these notebooks evolved into more formal exercises, she realized that they were distinct art forms in themselves. At that point, she began creating larger, single pieces. Most recently she has studied at the Art Students League in New York City. 

Maggie Siner Demo Flyer.jpg


Painting Demonstration

Recording of the live broadcast from her studio in Venice

on Saturday, September 19th.

Enjoy watching Maggie Siner demonstrate her observational painting technique, live from her studio in Venice. Following the demo, Maggie briefly answers audience questions. 


Participants will receive an email with a Vimeo link to the recording, available through October 3rd.

Feel free to contact Y:ART Gallery with any questions about the artist or the Zoom demonstration.

Tickets are $40.

See Maggie's work here.


A quiet voice in contemporary art, Siner’s paintings are prized for their enduring qualities: a perfect sense of the fleeting moment, exquisite clarity of light, bold gestural brushwork, delicately balanced structure, fine craftsmanship, the captured moment of absolute recognition and beautiful whimsical takes on the everyday world. Her subjects range from the intimate (a handful of cherries), to the monumental (earth and sky), to intimate portraits and unpredictable combinations of objects.


Born in Providence, Rhode Island, Siner studied at the Art Students League of New York, graduated from Boston University (BFA) and American University (MFA) and has lived for extended periods in France, China and Italy. Her work has been exhibited in galleries and museums for over 40 years and is in hundreds of collections around the world.

Siner's work is classically derived. She paints exclusively from life, using direct visual perception to translate human visual experience into material form. While the nuances of color relationships are the foundation for her evocations of light, space and movement, her deep understanding of optics and visual sensation itself allows colliding color patches to resolve into recognizable moments of life. She is a master of paint, and her apparent loose and gestural handling belies a powerful geometric structure.


Siner is also a devoted teacher who has influenced a generation of painters. She has been on the faculty of L'Institut d’Universités Américaines and Lacoste School of Art in France, a visiting professor at Xiamen University in China, Artist in Residence at the Savannah College of Art and Design, Dean of Faculty at the Washington Studio School and teaches many workshops and seminars. She is a frequent guest artist and public speaker appreciated for her revealing lectures on the internal workings of painting.

In 1976 she moved to France, taught painting and art history at European university programs and exhibited in Aix-en-Provence, Paris and Marseilles. She also studied medicine at the Faculté de Médecine in Marseilles, taught anatomy at Georgetown Medical School and completed facial reconstructions to assist law enforcement in the USA. She is well known for her expertise in artistic anatomy and movement. In 1991 she lectured in six major art academies in China, after which she spent a year teaching at Xiamen University and has returned several times. Since 2008 she has lived and painted in Venice, Italy, enamored of that city's ever-changing surfaces.

Edmond Praybe Demo Flyer.jpg

Due to popular demand, Y:ART is re-releasing the recording of Edmond Praybe's virtual painting demo. Watch Edmond demonstrate his master painting skills, live from observation. Following the demo, Edmond answers audience questions via the Zoom chat feature.


You will receive an order confirmation email upon purchase, including a link to the recording on Vimeo. You will have access to the recording until until October 3rd.


Feel free to contact Y:ART Gallery with any questions about the artist or accessing the recording.

Tickets are $35


Painting Demonstration

Recording re-released due to popular demand. 

Available through October 3rd.




May 1, 2020 • 5:30PM


Y:ART Gallery owner and potter, Julia Yensho, invites you to a hand built CLAY DEMONSTRATION using ceramic slab, coil and casting.

Follow the link below and ENJOY!

Gereny Flyer Final 2.jpg


February 7, 2020 • 5-9PM


Y:ART Gallery is pleased to present our ARTIST OF THE MONTH: EFFIE GERENY. Stop by the gallery on Friday, February 7th to view Effie's wonderful abstract artwork.

Writing Workshops 2019.png



Join us in the New Year for three Writing Workshops brought to you by Yellow Arrow Publishing.

You can sign up here:
(Sign up for one... or all three!)

Unblocking the Muse 1/26/19
Led by Gwen Van Velsor and Ariele Sieling, this workshop will run through a variety of strategies for getting in the groove of writing in both fiction and creative nonfiction. We will discuss short-term strategies to use when you're staring at a blank piece of paper, and long-term strategies for when writer's block just won't go away. We will also delve into creative problem solving, for when the story itself just isn't working.


Finding Your Authentic Voice 2/23/19

Join Cija (pronounced "Kia") Jefferson and Ariele Sieling as they dive into different strategies for telling the truth, writing what you know, and adding realism and complexity to your story.

Finding Healing Through Writing 3/23/19

Reshape and explore real life experiences through fiction and creative nonfiction with author Dr. Diane Pomerantz, clinical psychologist. When we share our stories with each other, it creates a ripple effect of empathy, compassion and understanding. It’s about saying, yes, we belong here, too.

workshops Winter 2018 (no border).jpg


Fun & fabulous workshops throughout the holiday season!

Intermediate Watercolors with Ken Karlic

During this fun and exciting workshop learn to explore watercolor in a loose, spontaneous and painterly way to achieve the most expressive and thrilling paintings possible.

Ceramic Holiday Ornaments

Get into the holiday spirit with this fun-filled ceramics workshop.

The Art of Coil Building

Learn to work with coil and slab clay to make something nice for your loved one for the holidays!

Linoleum Block Cutting

Design and make your own holiday card that you will be able to use & tweak from year to year.

Wire Wrapped Rings

Learn to create wire-wrapped rings for yourself, or to give as gifts.

Beaded Ornaments

Turn an ordinary Christmas Ball into something magical!

Table Runner or Floor Cloth

Learn how to paint a floor cloth as a small rug or table runner!


Artful Pastry

Learn to create everyone’s favorite ingredient/dessert: CHOCOLATE!  Artfully Delicious!


APRIL 7, 2018

4 PM - 6 PM

Mama Linda Goss & David "Dr. D" Fakunle invite you to join them in an eventful evening of storytelling! As a Co-Founder of the National Association of Black Storytellers (NABS), Mama Linda thrives in the art of song and storytelling. Come prepared to take your shoes off and clap your hands! "The Color of My Soul" is available in our shop for purchase.

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